Windows live one care not updating

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Windows live one care not updating - who is tyson kidd dating

As Microsoft began exhibiting behavior that could be interpreted as lack of confidence in its own mobile platform the Windows phone fanbase became more vocal with its discontent.Windows 10 Mobile and the Lumia's 950 and 950XL were poorly received.

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With Windows phones (and its fans) increasingly becoming the joke of the industry and Microsoft's apparent lack of interest in combating the stigma, many users resolved that if Microsoft didn't care neither should they.

If Microsoft couldn't stay true to its own unique approach to mobile, how could remain confident in Microsoft's mobile efforts?

Confidence inspires trust and people will follow those they trust.

As the OS became less fluid and less aesthetically "Windows phone" as it became more one OS on its way to One Core, fans were also wondering where the flagships were.

Rivals continued their yearly cadence of flagship releases while Microsoft seemed irrationally (to some) committed to flooding the market with low-end devices.

We understand that Microsoft's move to Windows Phone 8 was a step toward One Core and hardware requirements necessitated leaving some folks behind.

Fans were angered nonetheless, and things didn't get better from there.

Though we remained hopeful fans started giving voice to their discontent when they early "betrayals" from Microsoft.

Windows Phone's 7.5's leap to Windows Phone 8 stranded fans on devices that could not be upgraded.

Consumers (though in small numbers) began passionately embracing Microsoft's take on mobile which was drastically different than Apple's and Google's.

The fluid Live Tile-based UI, deeply integrated social networks that merged with the OS and Photo's Hub, Rooms, hubs and more won over many users.

Sadly, Microsoft has lost the confidence of many, if not most, current and former Windows phone users. Microsoft is a company with a history of in-fighting and poor team interaction.

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