Who was the pink power ranger dating

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Kimberly Hart is the girlfriend of Tommy Oliver in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 3 until Zeo and the crush of Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch in Mighty Morphin season 1.

Since the film is based on the nostalgia-laden Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series from the ‘90s, fans have been wondering if any of the old rangers from the original series might make an appearance in the film. Thanks to the release of the film's production notes from Lionsgate, we now know that 2 original Power Rangers will be appearing in the new film.JDF's support of the original show has never waned, and he's appeared in many later iterations of the Power Rangers; to date, he is the longest-running cast member of the franchise.Like Johnson, JDF announced his interest in appearing in the Power Rangers reboot in some capacity, and thankfully, he got his wish.Later, rangers rescued Tommy from Rita´s manipulative spells.Kimberly sees Tommy finally team up with the rangers.Kimberly is a Pink Ranger and is part of the original team along with Jason, Zack, Billy and Trini, when she first meets Tommy she started to like him.

But later, Tommy started to act strange and she didn´t know the cause.If the franchise’s godfather, billionaire mogul Haim Saban, has his way, there’ll be six goddamn pictures, kid.So buckle up: this won’t be the last you hear of the Power Rangers.Johnson has been extremely active in the Power Rangers fan community, and always has a lot of time and love for her fans. Check out: Due to her status as the immortal Pink Ranger, it’s not surprising that she is credited as Cameo #2 in the Power Rangers production notes.She's already been active in promoting the project, having shocked the new cast with a surprise interview.It’s awesome that we get to see two of the most iconic Rangers on screen again, and let’s hope the new film lives up to the show’s legacy.