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The first step was to display cyrillic characters in the user interface.Then, the quick selection in the setup wizard was filled with locally popular email service providers.

Many people who work help desks or teach see the phrase "it doesn't work" as marking a user who hasn't read the furnished manual, or doesn't know what they actually want, or is deeply confused. The strtok function has an internal variable that stores the state of the strtok call.It's still an archaic function which I would avoid, though...I've made some string functions in order to split values, by using less pointers as I could because this code is intended to run on PIC18F processors.I'd recommend looking for a regex implementation, or using sscanf to pull apart the string.Try this: In fact, if you look at modern strtok implementations, they tend to use thread-local storage (MSVC has certainly done this for years and years), so they are thread-safe.and offers a top-notch user interface that is certainly on a par with i Phone & Co.

Handy features such as push mail notification, setup wizard and multimedia attachments make Calista Mobile Mail!

The Calista specialists developed a mobile mail service for H3G Austria in record time.

"3Mobile Mail" is based on the innovative solution Calista Mobile Mail!

M-Tel Bulgaria, another member of the Telekom Austria Group, has just launched "Calista Mobile Mail“.

In the run-up to the launch, Calista Mobile Mail has been carefully customized to the Bulgarian market.

If any other code uses strtok in another thread, you get problems.