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The following “globally allowed characters” MAY be used anywhere in a member name: as the primary data (as described above). A server MAY include error details with error responses.A server MUST prepare responses, and a client MUST interpret responses, in accordance with MUST be returned, as described above. A server MAY include error details with error responses.

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parameter MUST be a comma-separated (U 002C COMMA, “,”) list that refers to the name(s) of the fields to be returned.

Members of the relationships object (“relationships”) represent references from the resource object in which it’s defined to other resource objects. A “relationship object” MUST contain at least one of the following: request.

If present, a related resource link MUST reference a valid URL, even if the relationship isn’t currently associated with any target resources.

A JSON object MUST be at the root of every JSON API request and response containing data. A document MUST contain at least one of the following top-level members: A logical collection of resources MUST be represented as an array, even if it only contains one item or is empty.

“Resource objects” appear in a JSON API document to represent resources.

The optional request to the specified URL with a response that includes the resource as the primary data.

A “resource identifier object” is an object that identifies an individual resource.

Additionally, a related resource link MUST NOT change because its relationship’s content changes.

Resource linkage in a compound document allows a client to link together all of the included resource objects without having to Note: The spec does not impart meaning to order of resource identifier objects in linkage arrays of to-many relationships, although implementations may do that.

Compound documents require “full linkage”, meaning that every included resource MUST be identified by at least one resource identifier object in the same document.

These resource identifier objects could either be primary data or represent resource linkage contained within primary or included resources.

A resource object MUST contain at least the following top-level members: member is not required when the resource object originates at the client and represents a new resource to be created on the server.

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