Friendship only dating sites

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Friendship only dating sites

OR, they stick to having their intent as friends but seemingly hint that they want more eventually with sayings like 'just looking to meet people and see where it goes' in their profiles.

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- People who are angry about the use of a search for friendship to disguise a search for commitment free sexual experiences.

Its not like they're going to go out of their way to hang out with you again.

Especially since they got probably 2052052 more messages waiting.

(and so do you ;) )This is not just a dating site otherwise there would be no option for just looking for talk/email or friends.

Stop being so concerned about what other people are doing and pay attention to your own life.

Friends is one of the "looking for" options the site offers.2. Men and women both select "friends" and "hang out."4.

There is a back button for getting away from such illegitimate types.5.

Well, this is a dating site like you said so what do they expect? The only ones who say they are looking for friends are just looking for the long road to get into a woman's pants."You're right.

I say that because it really does seem like guys who come here for friendship only are totally delusional or shooting themselves in the foot. Guys don't go on a dating site looking for female "friends".

"I live in hope that men will stop emailing hoping to change my mind Actually, I am not looking for emails at all....................

I have my profile listed as "friends" - "forums" is currently not an option.

Plus in all likelihood you will judge me as 'bad' or 'wrong' for some of the things in my behavior limitations so I am not going to be direct with them, you have to read my mind, and know it's inherent in my definition of 'friends'.""IOW I want the power to control your behavior towards giving me what I want, but I have no desire for the responsibility and possible negative judgments. BUT, will take advantage of "dating", meaning let the guy pay the first couple of times.....