Balvenie single malt scotch brands

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Balvenie single malt scotch brands

You ever wonder though what the most expensive whiskies on the market currently cost on average per bottle when you line up one against another?

The ‘new’ castle, already derelict in 1893, was turned into maltings.

This particular whisky, which we first touched on a few years back, is truly a bottling for the 1 percent (well, maybe the 5 percent).

*Offer valid on any online order over 0 (excludes taxes and discounts). This is a good easy drinking scotch and a good place to start your adventure with single malts . When your ready to move on to something more interesting try highland park 12 year I tried this Scotch for the very first time this past weekend. I'm a guy on a budget so this is a little more than I'd like to spend (even with a Bevmo membership), but I'd definitely buy this again.

Its floor maltings have been retained and although this only makes up a small percentage (up to 15%) of the total mash, it is believed that it helps contribute character to the new make – the small amount of peat which is burned might help.

Given that Balvenie has only opened to visitors in recent times, it certainly wasn’t kept for cosmetic or touristic reasons.

Many of the key Balvenie expressions have spent time in more than one type of cask.

Its most popular release is Double Wood - matured in ex-bourbon and then sherry casks - is easy to drink, complex and sensibly priced.I'm almost a bit ashamed to say that this bottle was finished of in 4 nights by me alone. The honeyed vanilla, the oak, the typical Speyside character, the Sherry layer- it was all there in symphony.Perhaps it's only because I do enjoy some good Bourbons and other American Whiskies primarily that this just came alive on my palate. If I could have only one Scotch, I think I could go along quite nicely with this bottle. In addition, this bottle is so beautiful, it's a shame to throw it away when it's empty.I used to drink Glenmorangie Double Cask and they change the brand, so I was offered Balvenie one night in bar as a substitue. Great flavor, very smooth, my go to scotch when I go out and it is always in my bar at home. Yes it is a simple Scotch, perhaps not as complex for the developed nose and palate, none-the-less an easy drinking one .It’s a large distillery with nine, fat, short-necked stills producing a new make character which is notably sweet and honeyed – completely different to both Glenfiddich and Kininvie.