Autocad updating indexes for block

10-Aug-2017 01:17 by 5 Comments

Autocad updating indexes for block

The program will now enable or disable the ordering controls depending on whether the ordering operation is valid for the selected items (e.g.

Following valuable user feedback, I have updated my Layer Prefix/Suffix application which allows a user to apply a prefix or suffix to the layer names of all layers found in a selection.

The test program now also accounts for a deselection of all items in the list (disabling all ordering controls), a situation that would cause the previous version to crash.

Following valuable user feedback, I have enhanced my Field Code function to account for field expressions which are greater than 250 characters in length.

I have updated my set of Rounding Functions to include several additional functions, and have also standardised the page format for consistency with the rest of the site. Length Field allows a user to generate a field expression referencing the length/perimeter/circumference of one or more selected objects.

In the case of selecting multiple objects, the field expression references the sum of the lengths of all objects in the selection.

Following feedback from a couple of visitors to my site, I have now updated my set of Attribute Functions to improve the consistency between the two sets of functions in the library, and to provide Vanilla Auto LISP support for multiline attributes.

The Vanilla Auto LISP functions will now return function.

In addition to my custom programming services, I offer a plethora of free LISP programs available for you to download, covering a huge range of applications: from text manipulation to attribute extraction and everything inbetween.

The Tutorials page also offers an insight into how you can learn to create your own Auto LISP programs and quickly increase your Auto CAD efficiency and productivity.

Make Auto CAD work for by using custom programming to automate many repetitive tasks.

This site is primarily aimed towards utilising the Auto LISP & Visual LISP APIs to create custom programs which may be run within full versions of Auto CAD (not LT versions) and many of its derivative programs.

Following additional user feedback received from avid users of my Layer Director utility, I have implemented further improvements to the code and have updated this application to command transparently would cause the layer to be reset to the previously active layer, resulting in the new object incorrectly being created on this layer.

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