Are billy and chelsea still dating

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They've made me feel like family and I can't thank them enough for their support.His comedy album "Stan and Judy's Kid" set a record for most albums sold by a comedy album in its first week. All three of his previous comedy albums have gone platinum.

Victor became a kind and gentle man, content to live there as a farmhand, and growing closer to Hope.Born April 24, 1995 Returned in 2008 and was said to be 27 years of age In 2012 his birthday was said to be April 27th Presumed dead after fiery car crash Jan 31, 2014 (body found, not his) Murdered by explosion of cabin Sep 1, 2016 (found tissues, matched) Former CEO of Chelsea 2.0 Worked out of Chicago for the largest hedge fund in Manhattan, was suddenly fired Former executive at Newman Enterprises Worked as an independent contractor for Jack Abbott, investigating the "Paragon Project" Former C. T.) John "Johnny" Abbott (nephew; son of Victoria via adoption) Katherine "Katie" Rose Abbott Newman (niece; daughter of Victoria and Billy) Faith Cassidy Newman (niece; goddaughter; while she was substituted for Ashley's baby) Beth [last name unknown] Skye Lockhart (deceased) (lovers) Heather Stevens [engagement broken] Rafe Torres Sharon Collins (lovers) Skye Lockhart (deceased) (lovers) Sharon Collins (lovers Chelsea Lawson (lovers) Melanie Daniels (lovers) Chelsea Lawson posing as Gabriel Bingham (lovers, 2015) Sage Warner (deceased)(one-night stand, 2015) Conspired with Jack to write a fake diary where Victor confessed to the murder of Walter Palin; convicted of forgery Escaped his ankle monitor several times Gaslighted Ashley, which caused her mental breakdown Gave Sharon's baby to Ashley as her own Blackmailed Dr. of Newman-Abbott Enterprises (as Gabriel Bingham) Former Co-Chief Operating Officer at Newman-Abbott Enterprises (as Gabriel Bingham) with Victoria Newman Former marketing executive at Jabot (as Gabriel Bingham) Former CEO of Newman Enterprises Briefly CFO of Newman Enterprises Former investor/partner in Tag NGrab website Former CEO of Newman Enterprises Newman Enterprises board member Former owner of Oak Alley Partnership (hedge fund) Former co-owner of The Newman Fund with Jack Abbott Former bartender at Gloworm night club Former co-owner of The Newman Fund with Skye Lockhart Newman Former executive with Tucker Mc Call Unlimited Former junior vice president at Newman Enterprises Former executive at Newman Enterprises Former Wall Street stockbroker with Keller-Stuart Former real estate agent selling condos in Williamsburg Harvard Business School masters degree, graduated second in his class Bachelor's degree at Northwestern University Sharon Newman [Married: Dec 28, 2009; annulled: Mar 17, 2010, later engagement broken] Skye Lockhart [Married: Jul 12, 2010; widowed: Dec 29, 2010] Chelsea Lawson [Married: Jul 20, 2012; divorced: Apr 25, 2013] Posed as married to Sage Warner as Gabriel Bingham [Divorced Apr 2015; Deceased Apr 2016] Hope Adams Wilson (mother; deceased) Victor Christian Newman (father) Cliff Wilson (adoptive father; deceased) unknown name (maternal grandfather; deceased) unknown name (maternal grandmother, deceased) Albert Miller (paternal grandfather; deceased) Cora Miller (paternal grandmother, deceased) Victoria Newman (half-sister; daughter of Victor with Nikki) Nicholas Newman (half-brother; son of Victor with Nikki) Abby Newman (half-sister; daughter of Victor with Ashley by sperm theft) Faith Colleen Newman (miscarriage; half-sister; child of Victor with Ashley) Noah Newman (nephew; son of Nick and Sharon) Summer Ann Newman (niece; daughter of Nick and Phyllis) Eve Nicole Howard (niece, deceased child of Victoria and Cole) Katherine "Katie" (niece, daughter of Victoria) Reed Newman Hellstrom (nephew; son of Victoria and J.Victor stayed on a while, helping Hope out around the farm and feeling free, happy, and content like he was when they had first met there many years before.One day, Hope entered the house to find Victor having a seizure on the floor, but because she was blind did not realize it.Victor enjoyed spending time with his son, a straight-A student who loved all sports, but Cliff made it clear that the boy thought Cliff was his father. When Victor received word that Cliff had been struck by a drunk driver, he quickly returned to Kansas to lend Hope support. Eventually, Victor persuaded Hope to relocate to Genoa City with their son.

But she was a fish out of water in the big city, and after her purse was stolen and she nearly got assaulted, she and their son returned to Kansas.Hope revealed to Victor that she had never been with a man sexually. When Victor proposed marriage to her, Hope accepted and they returned to Genoa City engaged. Victor and Hope were forced to do some serious soul-searching when her doctor said the baby could inherit her blindness.When medical tests revealed that there was a good chance the baby would be born blind, Victor urged Hope to have an abortion, but she resisted, and the tension in their marriage escalated.When Victor returned, he told those who asked that he had not found his son.In early 2008, Hope contacted Victor and told him that she was terminally ill with carcinoma of the pancreas, and he sent specialists to try to save her.In 2006, Victor was diagnosed with epilepsy, Nikki was informed, and he was given medication.