50 dating Silkeborg

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50 dating Silkeborg

Prehistoric murder victims from approximately the same time period kept turning up in northwestern Europe, especially in Denmark and northern Germany.For some reason, from 2,500 to 2,000 years ago, the Germanic tribes of Iron Age northwestern Europe had a habit of killing people and leaving their bodies in bogs.

And they were unable to learn much from these bodies--modern techniques of dating, preservation, and analysis were still unknown.

If the bog rises too high, the plants can’t reach the nutrients they need.

Along the coast, however, the vegetation can get minerals in the spray that comes off the ocean, and thus the bogs can grow into raised domes a few yards high.

Cut off from groundwater, these bogs depend on rainfall, which they soak up like sponges.

A corpse in such a place can stay moist for centuries, but it’s protected from bacteria by the harsh chemistry of the bog water.

Beyond these bodies and their artifacts, researchers’ notions about the Germanic tribes in Iron Age Europe came from the excavations of a few small farming settlements.

They could see that people lived in the same houses as their livestock and tended fields of flax and barley.

Gundhilde, according to the tale, was on her way to marry the Danish king Harald Bluetooth when she was waylaid and drowned.

Historians concluded they had found Queen Gundhilde’s body.

In 1950, when Danish workers discovered the body of a small male figure wearing a cap, curled up on his side, they immediately notified the police.

They thought they had recovered the body of a missing schoolboy from Copenhagen who had disappeared from a class trip a year earlier.

(Perhaps the most misguided ministrations were suffered by Rendswühren Man, discovered in northern Germany in 1871--he was smoked like a ham at a local butcher’s shop.) In truth, there was little incentive to do better, since researchers lacked the means of getting information out of corpses and were thus more interested in any vessels, jewelry, and other artifacts that might be found alongside them.

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